Here’s what others have to say about High Five Getaways…

“I don’t know if we were hand picked or if our collective energy brought us all together but it was a fantastic trip. I have a greater appreciation for Crossfit, a greater appreciation for board games (haha) a greater appreciation for birds that fly and more importantly, a deep respect for each of you. Glad I was a part of such a unique group of individuals.Thank you!”- Russel R.


“Words can’t describe my first High Five Getaway experience! Jeb and Carolina provide their guests with what can only be described as an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. None of us knew what to expect, but we came away with life long friends, memories and an experience I never could have put together myself or with such a cool, fun group. Our group represented different backgrounds, ages and fitness levels and each of us were able to make the vacation our own. Be prepared to laugh a lot, kick back, see magic waterfalls, do CrossFit with coconuts or do yoga once or three times a day. You never know! With High Five Getaways, you get to make it your own and simply enjoy the kindred spirits and nature around you. All of us loved the hammocks, games (and you know I hate board games), fun adventures and great conversations. Thank you for being such amazing hosts and friends! I will never forget my first High Five Getaway and look forward to many more!” – Bess C.

“My tan is fading fast, but I have kept the workout motivation and am eating healthier than I was before I met all you. Since the weekend before the trip I have lost over ten pounds and have loads more energy! Still want to push harder and maintain the routine to feel truly better, but very thankful for the motivation I gained being around you all. Missing the great conversations, fun games, waves, and fun people!!” – Jeff P.

“So after spending one extra day in CR on my own, then returning to work on Tuesday (man do I miss those homemade breakfasts each morning!) and reflecting on the past week, I have to say it was the greatest vacation I’ve ever taken, and that’s due in great part to you beautiful people. The laughs, the stories, the sweaty, dirty, WODs and grueling hikes and long car rides, it was all special and memorable each in their own ways. Thanks for helping make this an amazing birthday trip for me everyone. Can’t wait till the next one!” – Mark V.

“Miss you folks! I was walking from BJJ with a huge grin on my face because the breeze and the sway of walking with groceries felt like sitting on the beach . Kim was still in the hammock (at home in bed) while I was laughing as people passed by aggressively brushing my shoulder. I brought Costa Rica back with me. Thanks for an amazing time.”- Chris C.