It’s time to give back. We feel immensely blessed and grateful for the fantastic opportunities and travel experiences we’ve had with High Five Getaways thus far. We would like to take some time before the holidays roll around to give back to our community. We truly believe in the value and transformative power of being of service and the importance of volunteering to help those less fortunate. The population of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles is astounding. We’d like to do our part to support this part of our community.

This Getaway is close to home here in LA and also near and dear to our hearts in that we get to give back through being of service.  We have personally experienced the most fulfillment and growth in our lives when we have been of service to someone else and when we have connected to something bigger than ourselves.  We hope that you’ll consider challenging yourself to a whole new type of adventure with us.

For this experience we’ll be partnering up with the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown Los Angeles for a weekend of using our FITNESS, living our YOGA, and being of SERVICE  to our community.  We will camp on the roof of the URM for 3 days and 2 nights, volunteer during the day, and enjoy some yoga, breath work or meditation in any of our extra free time.  Below are the details, more info to follow if you decide to join us.


Urban Service Getaway at the Union Rescue Mission (Downtown Los Angeles) Friday, December 7 – Sunday, December 9 2018
  • 2 nights camping on the roof of the URM and working on various service projects such as meal prep/service, building repairs/maintenance, tutoring, childcare, etc. throughout the day.
  • Yoga and/or Group Workouts during free time throughout the day.
  • Some meals provided by shelter.
For this experience there is a $100 fee to the URM and to cover the cost of some water and snacks throughout the weekend. We’ll all be expected to provide all of our own camping gear.  We can help coordinate a carpool or shared Uber to the URM and we should all probably plan to bring some extra food and drinks so that we aren’t relying on the shelter’s meals and times.



Need more info?  Feel free to reach out at any time!